Ladies 'club' together to form a new Ladies Club

Dublin South Central

With amazing strength and enthusiasm, these ladies fought against the closure of their Monday Club, a VISTA-supported club, and used the fine facilities provided by Dublin City Council in the Community Hall on Donore Avenue to prove they were not going away. Their goal was to show that they still had the energy, strength and courage of their convictions to rebuild a Club that the Community would be proud of.


Some of the groups who came together were:

The St. Teresa’s Senior Citizens Club

St. James Street Seniors Club 

The Bowling Club based in The Fountain Resource Centre.

There must have been more than 80 people present for the meal and the dancing afterwards, and the Chef who cooked the fine meal received lots of praise for his great cooking. The musician played so many tunes that for many, he brought back the memories of their-pre marriage dancing days.

Let’s all work together to make this a continuing success and the groups will grow in numbers and strength now that the First Big Gig was such a success. Praise must go to EVERYBODY who threw their weight in behind the event but in particular the "Three Lovely Lassies" Betty Power, Laurie Nugen, May Grendon, and Pat Karney who could not be there on the night 

Thanks also to the new Centre manager Mr. Paul Smyth, and enjoy my pictures.