Agencies Working Together Can Make a Difference

Dublin South Central

As everyone knows, drug abuse and addiction are seemingly getting worse, notwithstanding the Trojan efforts being made by Statutory and Voluntary Agencies. The increasing signs of people “shooting up” and sleeping rough in public places are an awful reminder of the damage drugs can do to both the physical and mental health of drug abusers.


It is a salient reminder to see the excellent work being done by so many agencies that gives us hope that, at least, many people who engage with those services can be saved from deteriorating into homelessness and possibly an early grave.

It is very reassuring that when these agencies get together under the one roof that you see, possibly for the first time, the huge range of agencies and supports that are available to those who are in such need of support and interventions.

As the Minister of State Kevin Humphries T.D. said in his speech, “it is heart-warming to see the participation of so many groups fighting the scourge of drug addiction and being supported by their politicians, all of whom are working together to stem the flow of young people falling under the influence of the drug warlords”. 

You can find links to all the participating organisations on the Web…