On Monday the 13th Dublin City Council’s Older Persons Unit organised a great Christmas Party for the Senior Citizens from all over D 12 and D8 in the ballroom in the Red Cow Inn. 

This was a big and well attended Party and one must feel proud by the dedication and work that the DCC staff put into organising this event. 

It required a very well co-ordinated action to collect and bus the seniors to and from the Red Cow especially after having to cancel the earlier arranged party because of the snow and ice. 

You can see on the faces of those that attended that DCC and its hard working staff made their night. See photos HERE. 

Tidy DistrictThe magnificent Croke Park was the appropriate setting to bring Communities from all over Dublin together in their quest to win a category in the annual Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition .

The staff of Dublin City Council who organised this great event needs to be congratulated for the beautiful evening afforded to all the participants. Not only was the band great but the food and beverages were plentiful and magnificently served by the catering staff who were charming and helpful.

While I was personally disappointed that my own residents association (A.T.R.) did not win on this occasion I was delighted to see old friends and neighbouring residents associations doing so well.
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garden party Last Tuesday the 31st August saw the last great Garden Party organised by “The Older Persons Unit” of Dublin City Council for the residents of Bluebell. We were at the first great opening Party in Claddagh Court, Ballyfermot in July (see pictures here) and it is a credit to the Dublin City Council staff and volunteers to have enriched the lives of so many “seniors”.

Just, as I am sure, the seniors at all 9 venues stretching from Ballyfermot to Finglas enjoyed the events, you can see the joy in the faces of the Ladies and Gents of bluebell by clicking here.


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