Recovery through Art, Drama and Education (RADE)

Council News

I have written about this incredible organization before and yet again I must say that the two recent events organised by RADE that I attended were spectacular.

The most recent event was a play they performed in Saint Patricks Cathedral at the ABSOLUTE Fringe Festival called “The Last Ten Years”.

It was Sean Miller, the creator of the hit show Silver Stars, who brought his intriguing approach to creating music theatre to a Dublin based drugs programme and developed a piece that challenges the legal-drugs billion-dollar industry.

The show received well deserved excellent reviews and the whole performance was, for me, spellbinding.

Not only can the RADE participants Act, Sing, Dance and Paint, but now they have created from wood beautiful wood carvings which they put on exhibition in the Civic Offices of Dublin City Council.

The moral of this story is that everybody deserves a second chance in life and these participants who avail of the RADE programme are living testaments to how successful and enhanced life can be when the second chance offer is availed of. Enjoy these works of Art being exhibited by their proud creators. If copies are required just send me an email to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.