Bluebell Centre


It was a long time coming, but in the end it was worth waiting for… The magnificent Bluebell Community and Youth Services building has been officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and now stands as a truly wonderful facility for the local residents and adjoining communities.


The project would never have happened without the Trojan work of the local people in Bluebell who, week-in week-out for more than 20 years, went door-to-door collecting for their dream community building.

Their financial contribution of €250,000 was the catalyst that drew down matching funding and the building will stand in their honour for generations to come.

It is now up and running and it is a joy to behold, and worth a visit to see how a determined community can achieve its dream when commitment and sacrifices are required. 

In these pictures you will see the men and the women who made it come true, so enjoy looking at the pictures of a proud community of Bluebell.