Lourdes Celtic


AwardI was immensely honoured to-day to be awarded the "Friend of Lourdes Celtic" Plaque for my 20 years of supporting Lourdes Celtic. 

The club have been a great asset to the local community for more than fifty years, and I have been more than happy to help them whenever I could.The presentation was made in  the Lourdes Celtic clubhouse in Old County Glen. I can remember when the ground where the club house now  stands was a derelict eyesore. Again great work by all involved to create such a fine facility.

The club play their home matches in Eamonn Ceantt Park (Sundrive). I have been working hard on the council to ensure that a proposal to build new changing rooms in the park becomes a reality, and hope that final confirmation on the issue will come soon.

The club have a fine website which you can see here.


And where did the name come from? The club has its origins in the Maryland area, where there is a road there  called.... Lourdes Road .

Back in 2007 the club celebrated it's 50th anniversary. It was a great night and a fitting celebration of the 50 years of service to the community by all involved with Lourdes Celtic.  

As well as having a great record on the pitch , Lourdes Celtic have played a big  part in helping to give boys, and more recently girls, from the area a postive outlet for their energies.


 The official guest star of the night was Niall Quinn, but I'm sure that Niall would agree with me that the real stars of an occassion such as this are all the people who persistently and quietly over many years give of their time, talents, and their commitment to help their local community.

At the time I posted some photos of the event.

 Here they are once more.
The event was attended by the:






The stylish:
The famous:
The religious:
The heroes:


The young…
The award winners:

The fans
The Founder:

The sisters:
The odd man out:

The partners:

The Lord Mayor
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The family… and many many more...