Ladies Party Gig 2012


When it comes to celebrating the end of year activities by the women from in and around Crumlin, then the Christmas Party held again this year in the Sports Hall on Clogher Road was the place to be.


To think that all the work involved in organising this party and was done by volunteers, mainly local women, is testament to the organisational skills of “The Boss” Ms. Ann Sharpe and her band of volunteers. They all deserve to take a dramatic bow and they deserve our applause.

While the food and drink flowed, Santa made his (her) dramatic appearance and added to the Christmas spirits when dancing allowed the over fed to burn off a few calories.

The actresses and supporters can be seen enjoying themselves, and if you want to see the pictures from previous years, go to the “photos” tab and look at the “crumparty” pictures.

If you want a hard copy or would like me to send to you by email just contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below is the 2012 Party for your admiration and enjoyment.