Crumlin Community Youth Band End of Year Concert


I think this band is going about 22 years now, as I remember it starting up and performing in the early days in Crumlin; in fact, it performed in Brickfield Park during a Drugs Task Force week of community celebration way back then.

The reason I’m thinking back to its beginning is because the band gave an end of year recital in the Moeran Hall, Walkinstown, in December 2012 and it was hard to compare, so stark was the progress made, in its sheer professionalism and performance from its early days to what is today.

As a Community Band, run and managed by its volunteer workers, it is an example of what remarkable achievements can be made when men and women have a dream and are prepared to commit their time.

It was an amazing achievement that the band, in its interaction with a similar German Marching Band, could almost cross pollinate styles and learn from each other during their important country exchanges. For example the remarkable drumming technique performed for us on the stage was, I understand, learned from their German counterparts.

See some of the photos below and if you are interested look at them performing during the “Walkinstown Family Fun Day” in July 2012 or at the Transport Club in October 2010. These can be found under the “Crumlin Tab” on the Website.

Any interested parent can have a hard copy on request or have photos emailed if requested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..