Everybody Loves a Party! Especially a 90th.


There is nothing as enjoyable as a Big Party especially if it’s a 90th. To be surrounded by family and friends and they all thinking “I wanna reach the ripe age of 90 years and be surrounded by family and friends, just like this”

What an inspiration and pleasure for all of us who had the pleasure of being invited to Mrs. Mc Guigan’s 90th. Now I have to remind you all that I am only an amateur photographer (my real job is being a politician) BUT nothing gives me more pleasure than being invited to record such an historic event as that which is recorded in photographs (below) of a most wonderful Lady, a Queen in her own right a “Crumlin Queen”.

Elsewhere on my web you can see pictures of another Lady whose birthday I attended who celebrated her 100th. in the Crumlin Bowling Club. Now the more we know the joys and beauty of life the more we appreciate that life at 90 years or 100years can still be a fulfilling and pleasurable experience.

The Party went on long into the night and what made it so beautiful was the trans-generational composition of the invitees, to see the youngest children enjoying themselves as much as the teenagers were and Mrs. Mc Guigan’s neighbours and family members all celebrating was great. I hope the photos can convey the atmosphere and if you would like a “Hard Copy” or any photos sent to you by email, just “gives a shout” at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.