St. James Gaels GAA Club Open Day


They say “paper never refuses ink” and “good news doesn’t sell papers”. All the same, sometimes one would get exasperated listening to radio news broadcasts and newspapers portraying young people as causing all sorts of horrors and devastation. I have a huge problem with the constant negative portrayal of young people.


No doubt I know of the anti-social behaviour of some young people, but my problem with equating young people with badness and making the lives of ordinary decent citizens a misery, is that it IS NOT A FAIR REFLECTION of our youth.

The vast majority of young people are good, active, solid citizens doing fantastic work in their communities, schools, or clubs.

To take just one club as an example of how voluntary input by a vast range of parents, coaches, referees, linesmen/women make a positive contribution, let’s look at the Open Day organized by St. James Gaels GAA club, held in the Guinness Athletic Grounds on the Crumlin Road.

You will see from the accompanying photos the positivity by just one club, from the thousands that exist, in providing good, solid, healthy activities for the betterment of the players and the whole array of volunteering staff.

These range from parents, brothers and sisters, to the men and women who are so dedicated that they give up their valuable time to train and coach kids, drive them to matches, and fundraise for their club. This all helps young members grow up as rounded, positive and social citizens who in turn will return to society that which they have benefited from themselves.

Young people are great but they can always benefit from the encouragement and support of clubs like St. James Gaels.

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