Crumlin Community Centre for Music and the Arts (CCMA) and the "Memory Lane Choir"


What an incredible idea that has been put into action by Dublin City Council’s local office in Crumlin, in collaboration with the Community Centre for Music and the Arts (CCMA) based behind St. Agnes’ Primary School.


The Memory Lane Choir is inclusive of older people, particularly those with dementia or memory loss, along with family members, friends, neighbours and carers. Singing in a choir enables those with memory loss to live positive fulfilled lives, while participating in a creative community activity.

I attended the official launch of the Memory Lane Choir and I was absolutely bowled over by what I saw and heard.

This project must rank, in my eyes, as the single most innovative and beautiful concept I have witnessed in years. Seeing the loving care and attention of the loved ones with memory loss sharing in the musical fun together is a heart-rending image.

Take a Bow and accept the Applause for a great job well done.