Health Fair: Crumlin/Walkinstown Community Forum


There is a growing, and very welcome, trend of providers of health-related services coming together as a forum and acting together. Operating in this way is far more cohesive and effective than acting alone as individual service providers.


The Crumlin/Walkinstown Community Forum is leading the way as it organised the first Health Fair in the St. Agnes Parish Centre in Crumlin Village. It featured stalls operated by as many as 16 different groups, who provided the public with information on issues as diverse as Osteopathy, Men's Health, Testicular Cancer, Hearing Aids, and Chiropody.

The Order of Malta slogan, "Saving Lives, Touching Lives, Changing Lives" was, I think, the most appropriate for the day. Allowing people to talk and consult with experts in a free and open way is not only in keeping with the principle that "prevention is better than cure", but learning about symptoms and early diagnosis are lifesavers for many people.