Jimmy Deering
It is very hard to quantify the tremendous value to society initial gestures by young local men, who decide to organise a local soccer club, has had on a community. 
In 1967 one such young man decided with his mates in Crumlin to organise a local football club and they called it “Crumlin United”. 

That young chap, who had the desire to see the kids of his generation engage in a positive pastime for the betterment of themselves and their community is now 90 years of age. 

And in the true spirit of generosity and in recognition of the incalculable good this man did for his community a celebration was organised in his honour in the Hub Crumlin Village. 
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Richie LeonardWhat a wonderful achievement that Richie Leonard, a member of the St, James’s Gate Bowling Club could sweep the boards and bring back to the Club and Ireland the prestigious British Isles Bowling Championships. This now allows him to go forward to compete in an International competition to be held in China representing Ireland later this year.

It was my pleasure to be invited by the Bowling League of Ireland to the ceremony to recognise Mr Leonard’s major achievement. I tried to get the Minister for Tourism and Sport along but, as the ceremony clashed with the end of Dail term, Minister Michael Ring could not attend but he asked me to extend his apologies and gave me a letter for me to read on his behalf.

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Crumlin United for CancerWhen Crumlin United and friends of the Cancer Research Unit of St. James’s Hospital come together and organise a Benefit Night you can be assured that you’re in for one hell of a great night.

And that’s how it was on Friday 26th August in The Hub, Crumlin Village, where the combined talents of Noel Mc. Quaid with M.C. and disk jockey Mick Mc. Avinue combined with the Crumlin United talent of Gerry McGuigan and the hilarious Sean Wall entertained a packed house.


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"It is wonderful that so many women could commit themselves to a rigorous two year long programme that is part of the UCD Outreach Programme of third level education and that over 90% of the women who enrolled two years ago stuck it out and deservedly enjoyed an emotional but mind-boggling night of solidarity and empowerment at what they had achieved."                
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Pearse Park Child Care

 A final inspection of the new state of the art Community Childcare facility on Windmill Road, Crumlin Dublin 12, has taken place.
You can see the Dublin 12 Childcare Consortium Board carrying out its final inspection before handing over the building to the Centres recently recruited Manager Ms. Claire McEwen.
It is hoped to have the little pitter patter of children occupying this magnificent spacious Centre from April. Have a look at the building below:


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