90th Birthdays Now a Common Age to Celebrate


That we are living longer will come as no surprise to anyone, and over the years I have been invited to celebrate with 100-year-olds and more recently 3 or 4 parties to celebrate 90th birthdays.


Of course you will see on this website that we also celebrate birthdays for younger people, and organizations and groups who celebrate their wedding anniversary or club's “birthdays”.

Examples are all over this site, from the Walkinstown page to the Crumlin page. It was with great pleasure that the then-Lord Mayor Cllr. Evelyn Byrne officiated at the first 100th birthday that I ever attended, held in the Crumlin Bowling Club.

Below you will see a party held in the Mansion House for a Drimnagh man from Mourne Road, Herbie Donnelly. I’ve no reason to suspect that I won’t be called upon to record all those 90-year-olds when they celebrate their hundredth birthday.

It was a lovely event, being surrounded by neighbours, family and friends enjoying the music, dancing and the craic.