Drimnagh Residents Association Celebrating its 79th year Serving the People of Drimnagh


On the 25th of September 2011, the Red Cow was the venue for a huge celebration marking the 75th year of the Drimnagh Residents Association.


I used to believe that it was the Walkinstown Residents Association who held the record of being the longest Residents Association on the Southside of Dublin, but they are mere teenagers in comparison. 

It is a credit to the residents of both Drimnagh and Walkinstown that they have sustained their community activities over such a long period, Walkinstown for 66 years and Drimnagh now in its 79th year.

It is impossible to calculate the positive contribution to a community that the tireless efforts by dedicated volunteers can have on their area, except to be sure that without their admirable contributions, society would be a lot worse off.

Now, not wishing to take sides on the issue of which of these two is the longest surviving residents association, you will see the last AGM photos taken in 2015 of the 66th Annual General Meeting for Walkinstown, so please feel free to allow me to set the record straight… Your comments are always welcome.

Links: http://www.drimnaghcommunity.com/about-us.html