It is amazing what can be achieved when a community commitment and relatively small sums of money  work together to turn a Halloween night of mindless vandalism into a night of safe fun and enjoyment  for both adults and children alike.


Having toured the usual locations to see the burning tyres, supermarket trolleys and household rubbish and furniture it was a pleasure to escape back to the communal pleasantries of the Halloween Party organised by the residents of Drimnagh in the Our Lady’s Hall, Mourne Road.


It is time for Dublin City Council to invest in organised community participation in Halloween events as it would be better value for money if we can save the money involved in repairing the damaged public parks and open spaces and having to collect tonnes of rubbish used for bonfires by investing in community organised events such as this happy event in Drimnagh.

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Mother McCauley Celebration I was delighted to receive an invitation from “The Committee” to come along to a “Thank You” get together at the Mother Mc Auley Centre on Curlew Road Drimnagh.

It was, by any standards, a remarkable event if only because of the uniqueness of the event. As a politician for over 30 years I have never been invited by any organisation specifically to be thanked for working for their cause.

It was an amazing gesture for the committee to so publicly thank all the politicians and Statutory and Voluntary agencies and individuals who, over the years, helped to make the Mother McAuley Centre a beacon of excellence for community service.
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Sli DrimnaghHaving had my regular 7 am Sunday hill walk and enjoyed walking the Kilbride Army Range circuit I was in fit form to join a community event in Drimnagh to celebrate World Heart Day 2010.

But first it required me having a shower and changing from my mucky boots and shorts to a more respectable dress code.

I had walked the planned route around The Lansdowne Valley and the Grand Canal before, with a surveyor’s wheel, to measure for the Drimnagh Community a planned Sli walk. Both Winnie Grehan and Pauline Sargent, two community activists from Drimnagh, have been doing fantastic work in trying to get official recognition for a Drimnagh Sli Walk.

As you will see from the pictures we all had a great time and the 5km walk was no sooner started at the Good Council GAA Club than we were back there to celebrate a successful Happy Heart Day. You can see the pictures HERE.

Carruth RoundaboutIt was around January 2009 that I took a call from some guy who explained in a passionate way that good people get honoured too late...they are usually dead before a plaque or some other memorial is erected to honour them!

He explained his passion for boxing and the good that a family called Carruth had done for the youth and the good name of Drimnagh. He mentioned Michael and his Da Austin and the brothers and the Ma and asked could I do something to honour them while they were alive…
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The people of Drimnagh can feel proud that the brilliant St. John Bosco Youth Centre was instrumental in having 13 local boys and girls receive their DIT HETAC certificate s for completing the Microsoft IC3 computer course.

They graduated from DIT in the presence of the course sponsors DIT, FAS and St John Bosco Youth Centre. Congratulations should also be extended to all the students and Gerard Devereux who was the Seniors Programme Coordinator, Tommy Cooke, DIT Head of Community Links and Carol Kavanagh the local FAS District Organiser

See the pictures of the event here
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