DrimnaghI was happy recently to be able to propose the rezoning ot eh industrial lands comprising the former Blindcraft, Lyons Tea/Unilever premises, and the land adjacent  to St. John Bosco Youth Centre site, located at Davitt Road opposite the Grand Canal which is to the north and to the east of the Naas Road and Tyrconnell Road junction. You can see the site  marked in yellow on the map..This site has been derelict for some time, but offers a great opportunity for to imporve the local community. Up to now the zoning restricted its development to industrial use only. The rezoning I proposed will allow for an exciting mixed use development including hotel, shopping residential and some light industrial units.  I am hopeful that as well as the long term benefit to the community that in the short term the potential development will provide much needed employment for the local community. Now that the rezoning has been accepted  I expect a planning application will be lodged shortly. It will important that local residents help me to engage with the planning process to ensure the maximum gain for the community.

In relation to that a key concern for me was tp preserve and promote the excellent work carried out by the St John Bosco Youth Club. The Club is now in a stronger position to negotiate benefits from this development to help them continue their long history of service to the local community.


Drimnagh Integrated PlanTime to have your say

Drimnagh, like all other areas in the constituency , faces many changes in coming years. How we deal with those changes now will determine what sort of place Drimnagh will be in the next twenty or thirty years. We have seen enough examples of bad development to know what we don't want. However if we just find ourselves objecting to all new developments we might lose the opportunity to shape how Drimnagh might look in the future, and how we might be able to build on the many positive aspects of Drimnagh to create a neighbourhood that is well set to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

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