Inchicore National School Reopening With Award-Winning Extension


The quality of our School Buildings has improved immeasurably since those horrid days of pre-fabs.


It was an amazing sight to see the beauty of the architectural design that allowed a new extension to blend in so tastefully with the older-listed stone building.

It was a turbulent time unfortunately, as two builders failed to complete the building because of cash flow problems. When it was finally completed and handed over to the Board of Management, one could almost hear a sigh of relief.

Fr. Carolyn invited me to bring along my camera to record the Minister for Education Deputy Jan O'Sullivan officially opening the rebuilt school and to record for prosperity the historic event.

Not only was the builder and architecture praised, but the teaching staff and multi-talented students along with the oldest past pupil were there to be applauded for performing beautiful solo pieces on their instruments, along with the magnificent singing by the school choir. Enjoy the images of the event.