Congrats Warrenmount

SW Inner City

A huge congratulations to the 2.1 students who came 3rd in the One Good Idea final in Dublin Castle on Thursday 3 May 2012.

The students impressed the judges from Sustainable Energy Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency, among other organisations, with their recycling jewellery project. The students received a beautiful trophy for their efforts and are now representing Ireland at the next round where they may end up visiting Brussels and representing Ireland there. Well done girls! Ms McDonald received many compliments about the girls' presentation and idea on the day. 

The girls used their skills from CSPE, Geography and Art to help them with their project. They managed to get their CSPE action project done in 2nd Year by organising a fashion show for students in the school. They even managed to rope their teacher Ms McDonald in to do a bit of modelling. Ms McDonald said she’d better stick to the day job!

The 6 students going to the national final of the One Good Idea competition are Shannon O’Brien, Shannon Killalee, Chloe Jones, Emily Carruthers, Shauna Barry and Niamh Brennan. Jessica O'Kelly also was a big part of the project all along, however, due to her Karate competition commitments in the UK, could not make the final. The girls found out that a minimum of 33,000 plastic bottles were being generated by Warrenmount every year and decided to take action. They reduced their carbon emissions by 1,000 kg of C02. Well done. Some pictures can be seen below.