Liberties Recycling

SW Inner City

Not so long ago, many of us would be familiar with the Traveller women knocking on our doors, looking for “any old clothes”.

Well, those days are almost gone as the competition for “old clothes” intensifies.


For years, we could not quite figure out who or what organisations were dropping little leaflets in through our letter boxes in the middle of the night exhorting us to leave our “old clothes” out for collection on a specified day. It seemed mind boggling the variety and persistence of those unsolicited leaflets being regularly delivered to our homes. 

The truth of the situation is that “old clothes” are a very valuable commodity if collected in sufficient volume that allows for them to be exported, mainly to Africa, or being recycled as industrial rags.

Sadly, now the various charities are trying to compete with newly opened shops, specifically purchasing “old clothes” and paying cash on weight, resulting in many charities suffering as a result.

There is cut throat competition between the “private” collectors, and sadly recycling collection containers seen in many car parks and supermarkets are being vandalised and the clothes placed inside being stolen.

Please support one of my favourite Charities, who were one of the first to identify the progressive uses that “old clothes” can have. They are THE LIBERTIES RECYCLYING project.

To find where there collection containers are located and the fantastic work they do, please go online and follow the link

Suffice to say the Liberties Recycling project was founded by The Merchants Quay Centre under the leadership of Franciscan priest Fr. Sean Cassin OFM, and Tony Geoghegan, who are Ireland’s most progressive advocates for far-reaching solutions to Ireland's drugs problem.

I was delighted to be asked to present the participants in this project with their FETAC certificates, and feeling honoured to do what Mary McAleese and numerous Ministers did, but this time I had the happy faces of the Liberties Recycling photographed and the results are to be seen below.