SW Inner City

We, as a society, can often feel hardened to the horrible miseries that are the hand dealt to so many unfortunate people in our country, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, neglect, or family violence. So it is always heart lifting to see such warmth and concern by so many people for animals who can be horribly abused or even killed or maimed so badly that they must be “put down”.


I know of the work of Pet Watch because I required a loan of a feral cat cage to capture a litter of wild kittens whose mother gave birth in my back garden.

I was delighted to be invited to their fundraising event in Rialto and was thrilled to see so many familiar faces that not only care about their fellow man, but also are prepared to sacrifice their spare time to fundraise for unfortunate animals.

These lovely people can be admired from the photos I took of their fundraising efforts.