Walkinstown AGM


There are very few Residents Associations that can boast of being around as long as the Walkinstown Residents Association, and I think it is appropriate to applaud the outgoing Committee who attended this year’s AGM.


The numbers in attendance were not as big as in the past, but that is understandable. Remember, most residents were young and of childbearing age when the “musical roads” were built, but the demographics clearly show that Walkinstown has an ageing population and their issues are different today than those that were about creating a community for children and their parents back then.

However, if you look at the wonderful event that was mainly organised by the Walkinstown Residents Association, the “Walkinstown Family Fun Day”, you’ll see that there is "plenty of life in the ole dog yet”.

We must still applaud those community representatives, like those in our picture, who give tirelessly of their free time to improve the lot of the community of Walkinstown.