Walkinstown Social Services Centre


It was my great pleasure to attend the celebrations commemorating the staff and volunteers of the Walkinstown Social Services Centre. The staff and volunteers there have, over a 50-year period, served the elderly and the Walkinstown community in such a professional and human manner that it strengthens our resolve that there is far more goodness in this world than badness.


More than 70 seniors  are recipients of the services provided by this magnificent Centre every day. This is a testament to the goodness of people who care so much for their elderly or vulnerable neighbours, that they can devote their valuable time in the best interests of those who need the comforts of knowing they are safe and among friends.

To quote from the Sisters of Charity who provide this service with the statutory bodies:

”in co-operation with statutory and other voluntary agencies and includes lay colleagues working alongside Sisters of Charity and many volunteers, [the Centre] is open five days a week. It aims to foster the well-being of older persons in body, mind, emotions and spirit and to enhance the quality of their lives; to provide a service that fosters the core values of dignity, compassion, justice and respect; and to support the family and carers of the older person."

Meals-on-wheels are organised from the centre and are delivered daily, including Christmas Eve, to elderly people living in the surrounding areas. 

In recent times, the persons being referred to the Centre are a lot older and much more frail. Volunteers are greatly valued in this Centre, which depends almost completely on their services, and some who have helped for years are now benefiting themselves from the services in their later years.

The main aim of the Walkinstown Social Services Centre is to care for the senior citizens of the area. Voluntary helpers who work with the sisters operate the centre. Meals are cooked and served on the premises. Transport is provided for those who need it. Entertainment and outings are organised and an annual holiday is arranged for those who wish. 

I hope the photographs go some way to illustrating the happy faces of all who attended and enjoyed so much the celebrations to mark the historic 50 years of giving.

Link: http://www.rsccaritas.ie/where-we-work/ireland/154-older-persons