Walkinstown Residents Annual Garden Prizewinning Event 2015


The annual prizes for the gardens maintained to the highest standard in Walkinstown were presented again this year in the Eleanora pub.


Each year, an independent panel of judges selects the best gardens in Walkinstown and awards prizes to the residents responsible.

This event is a lovely way of encouraging residents to take pride in their gardens and it is a long running event organized each year by the Walkinstown Residents Association, which is also the main sponsor.

There are some amazing gardens in the catchment area, and this year it was great to see some new winners.

The W.R.A. is extremely generous as it provides not just the prizes, but refreshments and finger food, which add to the social event and allow the residents to get to know each other.

It allows them to compare gardening tips as well as just being a great way to give something back to the loyal supporters of the Association, many of whom have been supporting them for decades.