Drimnagh Integrated Plan


Drimnagh Integrated PlanTime to have your say

Drimnagh, like all other areas in the constituency , faces many changes in coming years. How we deal with those changes now will determine what sort of place Drimnagh will be in the next twenty or thirty years. We have seen enough examples of bad development to know what we don't want. However if we just find ourselves objecting to all new developments we might lose the opportunity to shape how Drimnagh might look in the future, and how we might be able to build on the many positive aspects of Drimnagh to create a neighbourhood that is well set to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

That's the reason that some I time ago I proposed the setting up of a consultation process that would allow the people of Drimnagh be involved from the very start in the decision making process that apply tot he future development of the area.

This process began last year and the result of those consultaions is now available as the first draft of the Drimnagh Integrated Action Plan. You can view a short video presentation of the plan (right)

The plan itself can be accessed at the City Council website

Alternatively clicking on the links below will allow you direct access to the different elements of the plan. The files are quite large so a broadband connection is necessary.