Recently the Crumlin Seniors and Dublin 12 Women's Action group held a fund raising night in the Transport Club.

The music was provided by the wonderful Garda Band, and it is probably fair to say that the Seniors gave us all a lesson in how to dance.

It was a great night and a reminder once again that in these tough times the community spirit of groups such as these remains undiminished.

By the way the Drimnagh is Good and the Dublin 12 Local and Community Development Progamme websites are great places to get news about events like this

You can see pictures of some of those at the event below and if you would like a high quality version of any of  the photos please get in touch with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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It is never an easy job to fundraise for deserving causes and an amazing amount of hard work goes on in the preparation and organization of these events even before the actual event is held. I take my hat off to those dedicated people who selflessly work so hard on behalf of those in need of support and services such as is provided by D12 DVS.

That is why I was delighted to attend the “Dublin 12 Domestic Violence Service”  fundraiser in the Transport Hall on Clogher Road in Crumlin where talent was in abundance. The weather was great which allowed the ever popular Crumlin Community Band to entertain us before we went inside for the beer and grub. This band gets better and better each time I hear them play.

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 Sam NolanOn Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Brian Kenny’s latest book, Sam Nolan: A Long March on the Left.

As I mentioned in a previous post, here, myself and Sam go back many years.

It was an exceptional event with over 100 people in attendance from across the Labour Movement, such as Emmet Stagg, Pat Rabbitte, Mick O’Reilly and others.

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Moriarty ReportFollowing the publication yesterday of the Moriarty Tribunal report I was invited on as a panellist on the RTÉ Radio 1 show ‘Late Debate’ where the main topic for discussion was the report and its findings.
While I welcome the publication of the report, personally, its findings couldn’t have come at such a bad time for the country. The reputational damage on an international scale that this report could have is enormous and only adds to the challenge that this government and country has to tackle in terms of reforming our political system and economy. A challenge that I believe we can succeed in.

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