Corrib Party What a great new idea it is to have summer neighbourhood Street Parties especially if you live near a public park or green open space. Already this year I have attended a great party in Harold’s Cross Park for the Harold’s Cross Resident’s Association.

This year was the 3rd neighbourhood event organised by my own residents association and held in Eaton Square Park.

And what a great time was had by the Residents of Corrib Road Terenure who organised their first neighbourhood street event last Saturday 4th Sept.2010 which I was privileged to be invited to.

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The Association of Residents of Terenure, again this year, organised a wonderful “Picnic in The Park” event which catered for all ages living in the community.
The event, where neighbours shared their BBQs with their neighbours, enjoyed chatting with people from their own street, meeting old friends and perhaps making some new ones was enjoyed by residents of all ages. It was a nice change from the usual busy daily round  where many of us can just  just beep the car horn in salute as we  rush to our workplace. It  is an event of real community solidarity and fun.

Photos of the event can be found here

If anyone would like a high  quality version of any of the photos please get in touch.

Did you ever see such a cacophony of colour as was seen displayed at the 2010 Dublin Gay Pride Parade as it meandered its way from Parnell Square to the open air auditorium at the Civic Offices at Fishamble Street?

I had the pleasure to accompany the Labour Party Red Bus bedecked in coloured umbrellas and pictures of Eamonn Gilmore which added its own coulour both politically and otherwise to the colourful event.

It was indeed a festive occasion and for those of us who grew up in the era of the closeted and illegality of being gay, it sure was a sign of a tolerant society  that allowed thousands of people, and may people in their teens and early twenties, feel free to enjoy celebrating their sexuality…photo’s of the event here

Foroige Awards
It was great to see two clubs from Crumlin and the second from Drimnagh entered into the "Foroige" awards competition held at the Citywest Hotel on Saturday 8th.May 2010.
The clubs  Young Leaders Bru Service Crumlin and the Drimnagh Club 4U based in the Bosco Drimnagh had a great time mixing and shearing ideas with hundreds of other young people from around the Country.
Photo's of the participants can be seen here

 Sunday May2nd saw the renewal of an old tradition -a May Festival.

The festival was organised by the Village Community Council:

"The Harold’s Cross Village Community Council is a well-established community group representing the residents of Harold’s Cross and its environs. The group wish to regenerate Harold’s Cross as a vibrant village community. Plans to revive a 19th century tradition of a Mayday Festival in the park will bring diversity to the community with local children, adults and the Russian Orthodox Church coming together on the day. All the residents associations, local businesses, clubs and societies have welcomed the concept.

History / Heritage: Records illustrate that prior to the 20th century a festival was held every year in May in Harold’s Cross Park. In the 18th century the Archbishop of Dublin maintained a gallows on the green roughly opposite the present cemetery entrance where criminals were hanged. Later on a Maypole replaced the gallows and it was the centre of much merriment and dancing in May until the practice ceased around the middle of the 19th century.


You can see some photos of the event here